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Cataract Removal

What are Cataracts?

Advanced CataractsCataracts are the leading cause of poor vision in adults. They occur when a chemical composition change occurs in the lens causing it to become cloudy, which results in poor vision.

Symptoms and Treatment Options

Some of the most common symptoms of cataracts are: 
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Dull colors
  • A glare around lights and a feeling of "film" over the eyes
  • Frequent changing of glasses and difficultly driving or reading

Since cataracts cannot be treated with medication, the only treatment option is the surgical removal and replacement of the cloudy lens.  At Milano Eye Care, Dr. Fisher performs all of the cataract procedures using a no-needle, no-stitch, small clear corneal incision technique.  This allows Dr. Fisher to provide minimal tissue disturbance and facilitate a faster recovery time.  Cataract surgery is covered by insurance companies if your vision is too blurred to enjoy your lifestyle

Dr. Fisher will remove the aged lens and replace it with an intraocular lens. We can provide superior post-operative vision by using a variety of "new technology" intraocular lenses, some of which will give a patient the ability to function without glasses for both distance and near vision

Dr. Fisher also offers traditional cataract surgery, utilizing a lens to provide good distance vision.  Patients typically will wear reading glasses when reading and may require a light prescription for distance activities.

Dr. Fisher also offers surgery with a variety of premium lenses, listed below.  

ReSTOR and ReZoom lenses employ a unique technology that provides patients a full range of quality vision (near, intermediate and distance) and greatly reduces their reliance on glasses.

Crystalenstm is an accommodative IOL which is used to replace the natural lens.  It is able to restore your eye’s natural focusing ability by using a lens design that mimics the way the natural lens flexes and focuses. 

STAAR Toric lens is the world’s first toric IOL for the reduction of astigmatism.  This IOL is used during cataract surgery to significantly reduce pre-existing astigmatism.

Premium lenses are available for an additional cost.  Please discuss these lenses with Dr. Fisher during your cataract evaluation.

Newly approved from the FDA is Visian ICL lens.  It is an implantable contact lens that works with the eye to correct vision.  Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, Visian ICL is surgically inserted into the eye where it provides excellent quality of vision.  This lens is ideal for patients seeking refractive surgery, but may have been told they are not a candidate.


After cataract surgery, you can expect a rapid return to good vision, featuring more vibrant colors. Only a small percentage of patients will need glasses for reading or other activities after the procedure.

If you are experiencing any visual difficulties, or would like to learn more about the treatment of cataracts, contact us today at (256) 832-2252.
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